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Etymology. The word chalet originates from the word Chahtelèt in the Arpitan-speaking Alpine region and probably comes from the Medieval-Latin word casalis, which means shelter. A chalet was originally referred to as a shepherd’s hut.

Bungalow’s & Chalets at the spotlight

This according to Wikipedia…. But nowadays chalets are used for holidaymakers who want to enjoy nature or a certain view. These chalets are usually located abroad. The Netherlands has 114,000 holiday homes and these are usually located in holiday parks.

This also includes bungalows. Having said this, these types of homes fit very well with the Flickmyhouse concept and there are several parks affiliated with and on the Flickmyhouse platform. The idea of ​​putting these homes in the spotlight and in a way that is completely different from most providers.

The era when only shepherds used this type of accommodation is far behind us, and the future has ensured that we as travelers or family can also enjoy these types of simple houses.

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