Delivery options tailor made on the spot in the Netherlands and Europe

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The Netherlands has always been proud of its innovative ideas with which today’s target groups have grown. All these different target groups can now match all their conceivable services and products, in a personal Cloud environment, which is linked to your own shopping cart.

Partly because of this, you can put together your own delivery options and choose from carriers and deliverers at home and abroad

Receiving your goods on the spot is what makes the Netherlands great.

Find out for yourself how easy it is made for you.

The Match process

In the renewed shopping cart in which you can also make a regular match, eg Household services, you could easily match with your holiday home. “Of course you ask yourself why would I want this?” The convenience that this is possible is unique.

Suppose you need a mixer (just something small) and an advertisement for a Rental Home in Zeeland appears on your screen, and you go to that advertisement. Then this will cost you money in the form of Data, you will see this amount at the end of the month on the statement of your telephone use. Coming back to that ad, you end up on a strange or known page of that provider of this rental property in Zeeland. Then your attention from the mixer (which you really need) is gone.

At Flickmyhouse you have already placed that mixer in the shopping cart and that advertisement of the Rental Home too … this action has cost you no extra data and no extra time for switching platforms.

If you still have doubts about putting together your holiday trip yourself, go to the Match FAQ page for all your questions.

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