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Monday is usually a difficult day, at the beginning of the week. In the office, the coffee bar is the most famous piece in many blogs. But, it should actually be a day where you can already dream away to your next destination and not even so much a holiday destination!

After all, a destination has many routes, Rome was not built in 1 day either. Telling and hearing gossip all day will give you a coffee face or the caffeine will come out of your ears. What Flickmyhouse wants to achieve with holidaymonday is quite unique, more because it goes together with making your own Travel Match Combination.

These widely selected holiday homes are a foretaste of what you can find at the fastest holiday home platform in the Netherlands.

Where Friday is an important day for the weekend, you can make Monday for after the weekend. While your colleague is still chatting at the coffee bar, you probably already imagine yourself digitally in Indonesia via holidaymonday, super handy this platform, reserve or book in advance (who knows, I might win a free flight ticket with Flickmywheel) a scooter with a local who guides me through the city or island and for the sake of convenience I have also combined my restaurant and adventure equally.

Well, who wants to have a cup of coffee on Monday, at least not me, I prefer to spend time behind my desk and feel happy that my holiday home and my other matches have already been arranged.

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