Blog Art. 21 written by I.Massala

In Blog art. 7 I already call it “providers or brokers” what is the difference for you as a realtor?

Let’s start with the provider, a provider are people who randomly offer homes from owners or landlords in the Netherlands and abroad. The risks with arbitrary providers are that their administration is usually not in order. I mean the administration in general, think of placing and removing properties online. But also making rental agreements or invoicing them, national regulations, property management etc etc …

However, most brokers have experience with the above points. What the real estate agent does run into are the various software tools that they usually pay too dearly every month and use to get their housing available for rent. Every company promotes its software as the best, in itself logical, each of these software suppliers have their disadvantages and advantages.

The only disadvantage for Flickmyhouse is that you as a broker or owner respond quite late to tenants or forget to check out the house if it has already been rented out and does not immediately adjust it to his account.

You would almost think 1 disadvantage but ???

As a broker or owner you will experience how easy we have made it for you, not having your dashboard on an app is not done … it is time for a breath of fresh air!

Are you curious about what the app can do for you or do you want to know more about the platform? Don’t wait any longer and call or email them!

“Een nieuw tijdperk is aangebroken. Wordt partner bij het snelste Match platform van Europa en groei mee”

Upload your rental offers in just 4 steps

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