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Blog Art. 18-2 written by I.Massala 

Let’s continue on my last point, target groups. And how quickly does a tenant find his home. So this is the key question? How does this process work?

At Flickmyhouse, the 300,000 rental homes are linked to their algorithm so that they have the homes which are only posted for you on Friday. These homes are selected manually because of the short offer from the providers.

As a result, Flickmyhouse believes that the home seeker has a better chance of renting this home directly. The Chat Direct function helps with this and also has a good interaction because the home seeker can ask direct questions about the housing offer. This way of making contact is very different from when you sign up via email or to pay for a certain cost.

Think of the Chat function as the old-fashioned text message, the power of direct writing and asking targeted questions gives the recipient no time to post a silly story. The most important thing is that you immediately know where you stand. Even if that person responds after a few days, at least you won’t notice it in your wallet.

Finally, after reading these blogs, you can think, well, I think it’s not that bad using a chat. But just think, one day you have to move abroad for a job or whatever… ..then looking for a rental property internationally without certain tools is not easy.

This will be the day you think, gosh should I install the Flickmyhouse app anyway?

See how easy they made it for you!

Please feel free to contact us for more information about Chat Direct or Rental properties.

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