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Flickmyhouse is not a digital bulletin board for finding a rental home

Blog Art. 7 written by I. Massala

Do you still know Housing Detective? Website of the year in 2011. Wow this has been 9 years since this digital bulletin board was active with hundreds of visitors per day on its website.

At the time, a digital bulletin board was a good way to find your home or roommate. The biggest problem then was making contact with the owner or any landlord.


From this confusion the word “Provider” emerged because how did you know who the right landlord of the house was? The municipality (s), especially in Amsterdam, was completely off track at that time (I will come back to this in another blog) The word provider says it all, via Flickmyhouse you can know who the same day through the Chat Function the provider of a home.

Chatting has become an established tool in our daily life. If a provider does not answer within 24 hours, you can be almost certain that this provider does not want to rent out the property, or does not have its affairs in order.

At least, we at Flickmyhouse believe in this.

Just think, a chat is meant to communicate and where someone can ask their question directly and of course expect an immediate answer. This is in contrast to an e-mail, most of which are answered by bulk or end up in an overflowing spam box, so there is no chance. That is why Flickmyhouse rightly says “We are not a digital bulletin board”

Experience for yourself how easy we have made it for you, as 2011 is miles behind us … It’s time for a breath of fresh air!

Feel free to contact us for more information our platform.

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