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Book your Bungalow here and combine with a train ticket + motorcycle + boat trip + or your own chef

Spain, Belgium, France, find out the best holiday homes, houses and bungalows. Combine always fun, sun, sea, and beaches.

If you could still adjust your own temperature, it would be great! But at the very least, you can put together your own package holiday, organize it, and link it to your own price …. You as a customer are central to this process, so you never pay too much for your trip.

From now on, paying delivery commissions is a thing of the past and you pay what you decide yourself.

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Comparing your holiday homes per website is the norm these days, but is that also the case?

Today, numerous websites offer a variety of travel, vacation and airline ticket options. But also car rental companies, various attractions, theme parks,  and not to forgot several night life clubs and restaurants. But there are hardly any websites where you can put this together in your shopping cart and compare this with products nor services?

Flickmyhouse is the only matching platform where this is possible now, here you can create your own travel match combination. Not only can you compare your booking (s), but you can change all your bookings or reservations yourself, free of charge and unlimited, up to 24 hours before you leave or 24 hours before arrival at your destination!

If you still have questions about putting together your holiday trip yourself, go to the match faq page for all your questions.

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All combinations are possible. From Rome to Disneyland and onward to the Spanish Costa, or maybe you can choose a friendly local tour guide to accompanied you around?

Wondering how you can combine unlimited travel matches? Go here to our contact page.

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