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Blog Art. 9 written by I.Massala

Friday has always been an important day of the week, and Flickmyhouse is no different. This is a day when most topics are discussed or decided. Spotlightfriday is part of this, you can really note this day in your agenda or rather create a reminder via Google or your Apple ID and receive a notification every Friday about the most beautiful, affordable housing selection that we manually use for you.

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But you can also simply sign up for an old-fashioned newsletter. This is also filled with fun facts and recent updates on everything and anything from that week.

Because we manually carry out the selection of homes, this is already done from Wednesday, you do not run the risk that these homes are already rented while it is still on our website or app. Spotlightfriday is also completely free of obligation and we do not ask you to register for any offer. This keeps Flickmyhouse ahead of its competitors, nothing has to be done, is the motto in this!

Feel free to contact us for more information about #Spotlightfriday and activate your calendar for notifications.

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