Blog Art. 2.1 written by I. Massala

The fastest has become synonymous with Flickmyhouse. It has earned the reputation of being the fastest rental platform in the Netherlands. This saves you time and money and provides a comfortable and enjoyable search or travel planning experience. This user-friendly platform can meet all expectations of your needs and searches and they are supported by peer partners

Online store

Getting these products and services into the webshop was a long and difficult process. Nevertheless, Flickmyhouse has managed to find at least 200 equal partners who support this idea.



Why Flickmyhouse is the fastest rental platform in the Netherlands? Is the link of the website with the app. Flickmyhouse works with a Native app, in short, adding a new feature is a fact within 2 weeks. The decisiveness of this, the speed and our user-friendliness are of course all for our users.

Another goal is to keep optimizing the interface so that the link with the website is one! Partly because of this, Flickmyhouse has added 150MB of Cloud storage for free when the app is validated with the website.


A link that is one? Refined is the right word for this integration. Today, mobile apps are an indispensable part of everyone’s device. However, the most reliable apps are linked to a website. This is usually to increase and strengthen the brand (Branding) in a particular segment. In our blog art. 3 I will elaborate on this and present the new functions to you.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our platform.

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