Blog art. 2.0 From now on, the Netherlands will create its own Match Combination
Written by: I. Massala

New in the Netherlands endlessly combining products and services with whatever you want. A choice of 8,765,343 articles makes comparing suppliers a thing of the past!

Rental houses, apartments and studios. Small or large, a suitable combination for every house. Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter even vintage Match Combinations finds its way into the seasons.

Match all year round, and give your own inspiration a happy smile

The Match process in 5 steps

Why would someone limit themselves to only buy a few products on one website and then to another website to arrange a service, for example? So many ways available to speed up this process online …. Flickmyhouse is currently the only platform in the Netherlands where this has been successful.

In this Blog I will explain in steps how you as a user can use the shopping cart.

Step 1 You can see on the Homepage which choice you want to make. Rentals – Furniture – Vacation Rentals – Airline Tickets

Step 2 After you have made a choice, you place your chosen product or service in the shopping cart.

Step 3 Here you can add, change, buy or cancel many options, this is a simple process

Step 4 The unique shopping cart Match system allows you to pay for your chosen product or service at FMH itself or at an affiliated partner of FMH.

Step 5 Your product has been ordered and now you can compose your delivery options CO2 neutral.

This is of course a shortened version of the entire Match process, in these 5 steps it is of course all about the idea. In the following Blog art. 6 I will give you a simple example of how you can, for example, Match something with your Home from an advertisement!

One thing is a fact, it makes it more fun and cheaper for you as a user in every season of the year. Whether it concerns Furniture, Clothing, a Cleaner or a Handyman, everything is possible.

Feel free to contact us for more information about the Match Process or about our platform.

Compose delivery options CO2 neutral

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