My shopping cart?

How cool would it be if there was a website where you can create your own shopping cart content, where you are in control and which you can manage with your family or group of friends…

From now on this is possible with the fastest match platform in the Netherlands, easily choose your products vary or combine. What is possible are services such as a private drivers. Book this at the same time as a rental car for your holiday home, and it can also be combined with an airline ticket when you arrive at your holiday destination.

Would you think it’s just a vacation destination? No, because you can also add it to your shopping cart while looking for a rental property or when viewing the offers of the day. The uniqueness of this, which occurs with most blogs, is that you can find everything neatly in the cost overview of your shopping cart. Missed blog art. no. 8  ? then I advise you to read this regarding the match process.

We call this the match process

√  Outdoor Activities combine and match with any holiday destination

√  Holiday Items never forget before you go on holiday.

√  Manage Cart share with family, friends or acquaintances

Not only can you compare your booking(s), you can also manage all your bookings or reservations free of charge and unlimited change these up to 24 hours before you leave or 24 hours before arrival at your destination!

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