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Where can I participate in the FlickMyWheel game?

Participation is only possible by visiting the website www.Flickmyhouse.com to play the FlickmyWheel game.

Can I improve my game score?

A player cannot improve his or her score on the same day if they spin the Wheel 5 times with the same IP address and / or device.

Can I play multiple times?

A participant can play several times but only has a chance to win a prize once.

Can my prize be collected immediately?

Your prize is directly collectable as long as it is the Grand Prize.

How do I validate the prize I won?

The winner must first validate his prize on the Flickmyhouse app and will receive an e-mail or a push notification within 48 hours with the prize won consisting of an E -ticket “free by name” this E-ticket is valid for 12 months.