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How often can I use Mail Direct?

This is allowed unlimited, provided it is not misused.


My email has been sent, so what happens now?

It will then be assessed by the owner.


My email has been sent but I have not received a confirmation?

Contact support and they will solve this together with you.


My mail has not been sent do I have to unlock a video again?

Unfortunately yes, your data is not saved yet.


The ad or video is not showing?

The process continues as usual, provided the message “advertisement duration must be completed” This is a bug. You can restart the process or contact support


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Support Opties

  • Whatsapp
    Gemiddelde reactie tijd : 30 min
  • Support Ticket

    Vraag een support ticket aan

    Gemiddelde reactie tijd : 1 uur
  • Call Back


    Gemiddelde reactie tijd : 3 uur – alleen beschikbaar van 10:00 AM tot 8:00 PM CEST