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My question is not included!

Flickmyhouse is always happy to receive your feedback or mail your question to Flickmyhouse sales  even you send a Whatsapp and all of your question will be assessed with care.

What happens to my data?

Not that much really. Your data is shown to landlords, in addition we anonymize the data for third party user statistics.

So that we can measure and improve the use of our app.

All data you provide will be managed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

What does my Cloud account entail?

The Flickmyhouse server is under our own management and partly because of this we can offer you free Cloud storage of 15 MB.

Why do we do this?  So that you as a tenant have access or can determine what happens to your supplied data.

What is the difference with a standard account and a Cloud account?

You need to validate your Cloud account at all times regarding your match products or a price you have won!

Reminder: this is your 15MB free Flickmyhouse Cloud storage

I have deleted my Cloud account by mistake?

A new cloud account can never be created without a personal account and without validation between the Flickmyhouse app and website 

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