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What happens to my data?

Not that much. The data about the property and the personal profile picture are shown to the tenants, furtherly we make the data anonymous for internal user statistics. All data provided by you are managed conform to data protection laws.

My email address is not working.

You must first remove your account and the Flickmyhouse app from your device. Then use a new email address and download the app again.

How can I delete my account?

By going to your profile, consequently going to settings and pressing the button “delete my account”. Do note that this will remove your property/properties from the database.

The app crashes in succession what can I do best?

With a crash app you can reset the app or just look in matches if he / she have not received a notification before you restart it!

How do I use Flickmyhouse?

Complete your profile

Upload your property

Take sharp, truthful photos

Unlimited chat with tenant (s)