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Can I save properties as favorites?

All the properties you react on, are automatically saved in your favorites. Aren’t you sure whether you would like to react yet? Temporarily save the property in your favorites and decide later.

A lessor asks for key money. What is this and is this allowed?

When you have to pay an amount to be able to rent a property without any performances in return, this is called key money. This is not allowed. It is a so called ‘unreasonable clause’ in the rental contract, which is forbidden by law. If you do decide to pay key moneyn (which we from FMH discourage!), you can reclaim this amount through the courts. You should be able to show you’ve paid this, however, by means of a receipt or witnesses.

How do I respond to a property or room?

You can respond to a property by LIKING the property or by swiping to the right. The landlord receives a message of your interest. If the landlord then accepts you, a Flick moment will arise. From there on you can chat with each other and schedule a viewing.

How do I dislike a property?

No interest in the property? Swipe to the left or press the DISLIKE button. This property will then be removed from the offer shown to you.

What do I do when a property appears to be already rented out?

In principle, only available properties are shown.
If you do find a property that is already rented out, however, you can a support ticket and include the data of the property, such as street name and the name of the owner. We will then make sure it gets removed from the database.

A broker asks for a commission, is this allowed?

As is described in our General Terms & Conditions Article 5.1, the broker or mediator is not entitled to ask for a commission in relation to the property offers available to the public on the application. If a broker still asks for this, however, you can invoke the Supreme Court judgment of October 16, 2015 art.7:425 BW. If you do run into problems, please contact us through the contact form on the website, we will look for a fitting solution.