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Where does FMH store my data?

FMH stores your data at and this is linked to your Cloud account.

How do I delete my Cloud account?

This is linked to your standard account at FMH and if you delete it, it is also deleted in the Cloud and you can no longer view or restore it.

I have deleted my Cloud account by mistake?

You cannot create a new Cloud account, but a standard account.

What is the difference with a standard account and a Cloud account?

You need to validate a Cloud account at all times regarding your match products or a price you have won!

What does my Cloud account entail?

The Flickmyhouse server is under our own management and partly because of this we can offer you free Cloud storage of 15 MB.

Why do we do this?  So that you as a tenant have access or can determine what happens to your supplied data.

How can I delete my account?

By going to your profile, then to settings and pressing the “delete account” button. You will receive confirmation of account deletion by email.